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Polyurethane Blow Out Sale! $$$

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Bona Water Based Polyurethane Sale $$$

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Power Tools Sale
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5 Gallon Polyurethane Sale

Buy Any:

THREE 5-Gallon Drums; SAVE $9.00

FOUR 5-Gallon Drums; SAVE $16.00

FIVE 5-Gallon Drums; SAVE $25.00

UP TO TEN 5-Gallon Drums; Save $100.00 !!!

Garco Brute Pro Finishes
Crystal Clear Polyurethane (Hardwood Floor Finish)
Sale Price: $98.00

Garco Brute Pro Finishes
Crystal Clear Polyurethane (Super High Gloss)
Sale Price: $76.00

Dynasty Flooring Supply
Polyurethane Clear Marine Finish (High Gloss)
Sale Price: $70.00

Garco Classic World
Polyurethane Super Gloss Clear
Sale Price: $100.00

Garco Classic World
Universal Sealer (Seal Kote)
Sale Price: $125.00

Garco Classic World
Rapid Kote (Hard Wood Sanding Sealer)
Sale Price: $101.00

Garco Premium Fast Drying Laquer Sealer
Clear/Hardwood Flooring (First Coat Sealer)
Sale Price: $120.00

Garco Super Speed Seal
Fast Drying Sanding Sealer (Hardwood Floors)
Sale Price: $115.00

Harco Premium Heavy Duty
Sanding Lacquer (Clear Sealer)
Sale Price: $110.00

Harco Premium Quick Dry
Polyurethane Primer/Sanding (Clear Finish for Hardwood)
Sale Price: $115.00

Harco Select Polyurethane
Premium Hardwood Floor Finish (Super High Gloss)
Sale Price: $65.00

Harco Premium Heavy Duty
Floor Lacquer (Clear Sealer)
Sale Price: $110.00

Craftsman’s Choice
Floor Finish (Satin)
Sale Price: $78.00

771-Step Adhesive, Moisture & Sound Control
Hardwood Flooring Adhesive
Sale Price: $130.00

801 Preferred Urethane
Hardwood Flooring Adhesive
Sale Price: $99.00

991 Provantage Advanced Solvent (VOC Compliant)
Hardwood Flooring Adhesive
Sale Price: $85.00

Bona Waterbase Polyurethane Sale

Buy any 3 cases: Save $27.00
Buy any 4 cases: Save $48.00
Buy any 5 cases: Save $75.00

Power Tool Sale


Bosch 1375A
4 1/2″ Grinder
Sale Price: $55.00


Hitachi SV12SG
1/4″ Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander
Sale Price: $59.00


Clarke American Edger Super 7R
Floor Edger 7″
Sale Price: $1,850.00


Hitatchi #C10FCE2
Planer 3-1/4″
Sale Price: $155.00


North Industrial 2,000 lb Hoist
Electric Hoist
Sale Price: $490.00